Custom Pencils

Want custom pencils for your next campaign? Well, you found them! Myron has all the best options to turn this classic writing tool into your business’ best friend.

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Wholesale Custom pencils

Choosing pencils shows that you’ve got great business acumen and a lot of marketing savvy. Custom pencils with logo can get your brand name in front of customers and prospective customers every single day. Factor in their affordability, and it’s easy to see what makes personalized pencils such an excellent promotional giveaway.

Pencils are a classic that have persisted over centuries of time. The first mass-produced pencils were created in 1662 and the modern-day pencil was created in 1795. Today, billions of pencils are still being produced worldwide each year. They even have their own holiday in the U.S—March 30th—it’s National Pencil Day! The fact is, these writing tools are still just as popular as ever, so you’ll love the way our custom printed pencils work for your brand.

Personalized Pencils for Schools

Don’t think of pencils as just your standard yellow No. 2. At Myron, we have a wide variety of options to make any campaign perfect. We have styles that change color, styles that glow in the dark, and decorative prints and patterns that will always make your imprint stand out. Our hex pencils are a teacher favorite. They’re perfect if you want to earn some brand appreciation with faculty members or if you just want to encourage more school spirit. From personalized pencils for students at schools to carpenter pencils for hardworking professionals, we sell our custom pencils bulk so there’s plenty to go around year after year. We even offer golf pencils perfect for going a few rounds on the fairway.

If you want something a little more modern, give mechanical pencils a try. In the debate over pens or pencils, these truly offer the best of both worlds. They’re easy to use and long lasting, so they make sure your message persists. Like everything at Myron, our custom mechanical pencils are far from typical. Several even have the style of a pen; they feature cushioned grips, convenient carrying clips and elevated accents. With consistently clean lines from tips that never need to be sharpened, your personalized mechanical pencils can be a hit with everyone. Since they can easily be refilled and don’t need to be thrown out, they’ll be better for the environment too.

Whether you’re looking to go classic or contemporary, we know you’ll find what you need within our selection of wholesale custom pencils. Just take a look at all the options we have to offer. Of course, we’ll be happy to personalize anything you choose, so you’ll have a unique giveaway for your brand, satisfaction guaranteed.

Branded Golf Pencils

Unless you have a pro shop or a miniature golf course, golf pencils may not be the first thing to come to mind when you’re considering promotional tools. Don’t underestimate them, though. Sure, they’re small, usually just about 3.5 inches (9cm) long, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be powerful for your business—any business.

Let’s start with the obvious: small golf pencils are ideal—essential even—in a game of golf. Players often rely on these little tools to keep score because they’re the perfect size to slip into a pocket or store with the golf tees. Any golf-related business, be it a mini golf course, a country club, a golf shop or a driving range, can benefit from keeping personalized golf pencils on the scene. As details go, this is one that really adds to your business. Customers will always use them when they play. They may even end up taking your branded golf pencils off the premises where they can be spotted by prospects. We offer our golf pencils bulk, so you’ll always get the best value when ordering for your business. We even have custom golf pencils with erasers to give your customers a better experience.

Promote with Promotional Golf Size Pencils

Outside of the sport, there are a number of different ways these promotional golf pencils can be used. Inside restaurants or nightclubs, mini golf pencils can come in handy for servers. Since they’re half the size of a regular writing tool, your wait staff can easily tuck several into an apron or pocket for order taking. At an office event, your personalised golf pencils can be passed out and used for quick surveys or fun questionnaires. And in stores they might be used for information cards in a contest drawing. In hotels, these mini pencils can be handy for guests who need to jot something down in their room or at the front desk. At seminars and trainings, golf size pencils can be placed on tables for attendees to use during exercises. You can choose personalized golf pencils with erasers so users won’t have to worry about making any mistakes. Having printed golf pencils at the ready will certainly add a professional touch to any event or presentation.